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Husky Impact Fund

Our Priorities and Ways to Give

The Husky Impact Fund is the gold standard in philanthropy

When you give to the Husky Impact Fund, you make the greatest impact by supporting our strategic priorities and addressing emerging needs — from removing barriers to education and student success, to innovation and academic success, dynamic living and learning spaces, a vibrant campus life and athletics, and beyond!

Removing Barriers to Education & Student Success

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We believe that the benefits of a college degree or credential should be an option for anyone seeking new knowledge, career opportunities and advancement.

The generous support of SCSU donors provides scholarships and financial aid directly to our students.

Your generosity can make a difference in the lives of current and future Huskies.

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Innovation & Academic Success

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Investing in our faculty and their research projects creates learning opportunities with real-world impact.

The gifts of SCSU donors make it possible for our faculty and students to discover, invent, problem solve and provide a service for our community.

Your support can change the region and the world.

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Dynamic Living & Learning Spaces

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Investments in campus infrastructure help our campus shine, attract future students, and engage the public.

The generous support of our SCSU donors improves the landscape of our campus with support for institutes and centers, venues for artistic and cultural presentations, and comfortable living spaces for a home away from home.

You can build on our impact as a supporter of our campuses in St. Cloud, Plymouth and Alnwick, England.

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Vibrant Campus Life

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A vibrant campus elevates the student experience and builds strong community bonds.

Our alumni bring campus to life by lending their time and expertise or providing a gift for our student and/or community experiences.

Your gifts can make it possible for our students to connect, compete and excel.

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Huskies Athletics

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Our goal every year is to compete and win at the highest level with integrity and distinction.

While the impact of great coaches and student-athletes is clear in reaching these aspirations, we cannot achieve our goals without the support you — our fans and friends — provide to the athletics program.

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Your Support

Through It’s Time we are investing in a portfolio of offerings that are focused on workforce needs and student demands. We are supporting faculty who bring students into the research process with projects that benefit industry partners, service providers, and the lives of individuals and families in the region and beyond. Students are our focus as we find ways to welcome them to SCSU and provide valuable experiences in state-of-the-art facilities and learning environments.

This is your opportunity to share in the positive momentum of the University.

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Get Involved

Your knowledge, experience and expertise can help students thrive. From supporting them as they decide to come to SCSU to mentoring them as they navigate their next career step.

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Keep up-to-date with the latest news and research from the University, connect with local alumni and attend events, workshops and seminars.

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Share Your Story

Whether you are making a difference in your community, bringing about change to your industry or shaping the lives of those around you. We want to hear from you.

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