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Kelsey Bean
Kelsey Bean Following dreams throughout life’s unexpected moments

What started as a part-time job in high school became a lifelong passion for Kelsey Bean.

Owner of The Chocolate Ox, a candy and ice cream shop with two locations in Nisswa, Bean was first hired to work summers and weekends at the store when she was 15 years old. She never stopped.

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Dick Bremmer
Dick Bremer A 40-year thrill-packed chapter with the Twins comes to a close

Dick Bremer didn’t grow up dreaming about becoming a sports broadcaster someday.

But that dream came true anyway.

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Clare and Brandon Richards
Clare and Brandon Richards Couple start company to make school supplies more accessible, affordable for families

Investing in the community leads to a brighter future for everyone.

That’s what Clare and Brandon Richards hope to achieve through their startup Impacks, a tech-powered company that simplifies back-to-school shopping by partnering with schools across the nation to give parents a streamlined way to buy school supplies online.

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Dr. Tashiana Osborne
Dr. Tashiana Osborne Building climate resilience to protect lives and ecosystems

For the last few centuries, humans have been too much of a driving force behind climate change, primarily through the burning of fossil fuels.

SCSU alumna Dr. Tashiana Osborne is working to change that.

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Devon Bowker
Devon Bowker Biology teacher with viral videos looks to inspire critical thinking in his students

While he may have reached viral stardom over the summer for his Keurig impression, Devon Bowker is much more interested in science and nature.

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C Willi Myles
C Willi Myles Comedian comes back to his alma mater for performance

Comedian and SCSU alumnus C Willi Myles returned to his alma mater to perform for the community in Ritsche Auditorium. It was a happy homecoming.

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Nic and Paige Dowd
Nic and Paige Dowd Creating new experiences for sensory sensitive fans

Thanks to SCSU alums Nic and Paige Dowd and their Dowd’s Crowd sensory kits, many families with sensory sensitivities are now able to enjoy the thrill of attending a hockey game together.

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Diane Nelson
Diane Nelson Bold breakthroughs through the art of weaving

Something incredible is going on at Annandale Art & Textile Center, and a St. Cloud State University alumna is helping to facilitate it.

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Leah Neidecker
Leah Neidecker COSE education prepared alumna for a career in helping doctors save lives

For alumna Leah Neidecker, St. Cloud State University served as a launching pad for her career in helping physicians save lives. While it wasn’t the first university she attended, she’s thankful it’s where she ended up.

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